The wrong side

Today was just an ordinary day. Nothing exceptional happened. Normal stuff was the name of the game.

The only difference was my all day, long lasting, deeply pervading, utterly foul mood.

This is how it happened. I woke up. I went about my day. The universe conspired to be as annoying as possible. I got annoyed. The more annoyed I got the more I thought about what a twonk I am. And eventually I came full circle and laughed at myself. Which is nice. I think this might mean I'm a grown up now.

I had to return a pair of stupid jeans to a stupid shop. When I bought the jeans I bought one pair of blue and one pair of black. Same style, same size, different colour. Thinking I was making a fantastic decision which would save me time and hassle. I only tried on the blue pair. The black pair didn't fit. I couldn't live with the resulting muffin top so they had to go back.

That's what started the terrible mood.

After getting lunch for the littles I tried to squeeze in some weights. Got changed. ( Hate getting changed into workout clothes, such a waste of time). Laptop ran out of juice before I finshed. Bah.

Realise I should clean the bath as it was still full of grass from last nights bathtime. The other parent in this family bathed the offspring after they'd been rampaging through freshly cut grass but didn't think to clean up the resulting mess. I could have left it but everytime I entered the bathroom the little storm cloud above my head would have grown a smidge.

Realise I've forgotten to marinade the chicken for tea. Do it in a hurry. Chop vegetables in a hurry. Get mad that eating healthy food requires so much bloody planning and shopping and chopping. All the chopping. Hence the hurry.

Drag hoover outside to clean car because I cannot bear it one second longer. It is really so mucky inside I'm a little ashamed. But quite proud when it's clean again. For at least an afternoon right?

Get mad that poor Baxter has a sore bum again. He really seems to have the most sensitive skin on his booty.

Welcome husband home actually laughing at my own ridiculousness.  Life is funny isn't it? The things that get us down and preoccupy us. I'm glad I don't have many days like today. And that I have some lovely bright pink macaron (thank you!) and the Great British Sewing Bee to watch.

Photos from the weekend when I was considerably cheerier:)