I feel like blog posts should contain profound writing. 

It's unlikely that this blog post will.

Just so you know.

I'm still listening to lots of podcasts while I do other things - I believe that may fall under the 'multi- tasking' heading. I'm quite enjoying the Pandolly podcast. Yes they really are that posh but my husband now writes for The Times and he's not that posh. Sometimes he eats Branston Pickle sandwiches (sorry Greig......)

I have recently discovered peach concealer. Did you know that you should use peach concealer to cover up dark under eye circles?. I did not. But now I'm slapping the stuff on all the time and it's like magic, my mind is blown. Also experimenting with green concealer to hide those weird red bits on my nose. Any other life changing tips you have hit me with them. Seriously you'd think that 20+ years reading women's magazines I might have a clue what I'm doing by now.

Have you tried this? It tastes like heaven. I can't buy it though because I'll eat the whole jar in one go. But you might well have more willpower than me.

Can I ask you about off the shoulder fashions? Is it possible to wear a top or dress and not spend the whole day pulling it back onto your shoulder? Should I just accept that I'm going to feel like my clothes are going to fall off and not investigate this trend further?

Pray tell.