Filey is near Bridlington.

Bridlington is a seaside town which I consider to have considerable charm combined with faded glamour. It's not Disneyland for sure but I think that's what I like. It is flashy and tacky in parts. It has a working harbour and smells a bit fishy. It has a promenade and seafront which has likely remain relatively unchanged for a very long time. It sure is an interesting place to eat an ice cream and watch the world go by. See exhibit 1.

We've only been home a week but already looking back on these photographs has crystallised these memories in my mind. Baxter at exactly the right height to swing perilously from the 2p falls. Grier making sand angels and drawing figures in the sand and telling me the complicated back stories which accompany them. Brodie with wet feet after the lure of wave jumping proved to be just too strong to resist.