Happily Ever After (30 years......)

We followed up Isla and Paul's big day, 5 days later, with another wedding.

My Dad married his partner Lesley. 

After 30 years together. 

They wanted their wedding to be a celebration of the life they have shared and the family which has continued to grow throughout those years. 

It was a fantastic day, filled with smiles and laughter and a few happy tears. I can't actually express how happy I am for my Dad and Lesley and how lovely it was to hear them say their vows. I feel like they have lived out the promises of richer and poorer, sickness and health for three decades together but somehow saying it out loud in front of us all completed the circle. 

And I'm pretty sure the kids enjoyed the food, face painting, wii, ball pit, bubble machine and more which were laid on for the junior VIPs.  

Cool as a cucumber :)

Flinging petals like it's her job. 

Those are some genuine grins!

The kids were completely over having photos taken. Not that you'd guess by Grier's face.

Just. leave. me. alone.

The kids invented Irn Coke. It's a secret recipe which you might just be able to recreate.

Baxter ate all three of his own courses then started on Greig's. Standard behaviour.

Candy necklace. Elsa wand. Frozen facepaint. If Grier planned weddings they would look just like this one.........

Thanks Dad and Lesley for having us all there to celebrate with you. Thanks for making it so memorable for everyone from the biggest to the littlest. We wish you many, many more happy years together.