Baxter is 2

I think the fact that Baxter's birthday is at the beginning of January is a great thing. I have a feeling he might disagree with me when he's older and all his friends are busy/skint/sober but for now it's a something we all look forward to as the magic of Christmas fades.

He's 2 so he didn't really know what all the fuss was about. That's not to say he didn't love opening his parcels, blowing out the candles and hanging out with friends and family. He loved all of that but he was just as happy to get back to normal the next day - all be it with added leftover cake.

Speaking of which I was inspired by Pinterest - a dangerous game - to try and create a dripping candy cake. It turned out ok I thought - the white chocolate ganache was a bit lumpy but apparently it tasted good. On Baxter's birthday we took him to make a soft toy - he loves all things cuddly and he chose a monkey we named Munky. He then rolled about the floor of the cafe with Munky which seemed only fitting.

He is an amazing little boy. He is smart and funny and incredibly affectionate. He loves us very fiercely and he lives for the time the school bell rings and Brodie and Grier come home. He loves Fireman Sam, cars, trains and trucks. He loves to draw and paint and play with dough. He likes to stir and mix and spread his own butter at lunchtime. He runs and jumps and spins around and sings. He notices when little things change, he remembers noises and people and places. He counts 1,2,3 and always takes as many sweeties from Granny's sweetie box as his chubby little hands can carry. He loves his penguin and his fox and building with Duplo. He has a smile which lifts up my heart and eyes which tell a thousand stories. We are so blinking lucky to call him ours.

bax 4.jpg