On this day

I recently acted as photographer at this lovely wedding.

Being asked to take photographs at a wedding is probably not all that uncommon for amateur photographers. I'm acutely aware that being snap happy and being a professional are not the same thing. The bride is my Step Mum's sister, a lady I've referred to as 'Auntie' since I was Grier's age. I really wanted to do it, I was really flattered to be asked and I emphasised many times my worries that I wasn't up to the standard she might be hoping for. And truly when I was editing these I can not see past all the missed focus points and off colours and lighting mistakes. I shot with my camera on auto focus because I was worried I would have too much to think about without adding toggling focus points on top. I was right, I had way too much to think about. 

Beyond the technical aspects of getting the camera to do what I want it to do, the other aspect of taking good photos - perhaps particularly at weddings is getting people to pose well. Absolutely not what I'm good at. Luckily the bride and groom beamed the whole day. I went with the shoot as many frames as you can and fingers crossed one might be ok. Or maybe 2. Cath agreed to let me share a couple with you, so here you go, my first foray into wedding photography! It was exciting and lovely to be part of such a lovely day. And has prompted me to read and think about so many things. I'm not sure I'll ever be finished mastering photography.



Cath asked me to make her bouquet, from feathers! It suited her and their wedding so well.