Christmas 2017

I think I probably say this ever year but this Christmas was the best one yet. Despite all of us being ill and having dirty floors on Christmas Day, the whole thing was fab.

I learned that Santa still comes if your fridge is of questionable cleanliness. I realised that the children can survive perfectly well on chocolate buttons and cheerios for a remarkably long time. That being left to play for days on end is exactly what the kids want. That I should make it a priority to spend time with loved ones and welcome people over the holidays to really feel 'Christmassy'.

It hasn't been perfect. There's a list of people I failed to see or visit, there was bickering and frayed tempers, my step count for the past week has been dismal and I'm 90% chocolate and gluten free Christmas cake at this point. I wrote a long list of things I'd like to bake which didn't happen. My December Daily memory album is unfinished. I could go on but what would be the point.

Good enough is fine, fantastic actually. It's all about how you choose to see things. It's all about watching Danger Mouse or Thomas and his Friends or Barbie. It's about reading new books and building new toys and binge watching Netflix with no guilt. Pyjamas until lunchtime or beyond. Sales shopping from the comfort of the couch. Enjoying the droopy, lopsided tree. Making the most of 'it' while it lasts.

I think it's a secret of adulthood that there will always be more Christmas. That lovely warm feeling we try to capture in a bottle to keep for later. Future Christmas' might not look like the one just past but there will no doubt be magic and love and laughter.  Photos!


This was our pre Christmas celebration with my Dad's side of the family before they jetted off to Dubai. Kids had great fun with cousins and ate smarties and cake. Obvs.


Having Grier to help me set the table on Christmas Eve was lovely. She's quite into faffing with table ware and placecards and candles.


Christmas morning at home


Then on to Granny and Granda's for a delicious Christmas lunch, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. And then home to cuddle with with a very soft, huge penguin.


Hope your Christmas was exactly what you imagined it would be.