The Show

This year's dance show fast approaches. I hoped I might be able to get a couple of photographs of Grier in her costumes so I can maintain 'dance mom' status and have them blown up to billboard size. Kidding - kind of.

Last year my tiny ballerina would have none of it and I got a couple of pictures of her rolling her eyes with boredom holding the ever present elephant. This year she danced and jumped and rolled and showed me some of her very best moves. Joy.

So forgive me if you will for posing a ton of photos. The dimple, the swinging plait, the utter delight at wearing a leotard with a skirt attached. I love it all.

grier 13.jpg


The show was actually a couple of nights ago. She was so delighted to be on the stage. She beamed, she danced, she sang every word.  She sneaked a feel of the stage curtain and declared it to be super soft.  She scanned the crowd looking for us and we waved like mad and although she couldn't pick us out I think she knew how much we were willing her on.  We were reunited after the show finished and she chatted all the way home clutching the pink rose tied with a pink ribbon I picked up for her earlier that day.