A break

There's nothing like a school break to make you feel like you need a holiday.

We've been busy with day trips and activities and playing in the garden and crafting and, and, and......

If I could get away with a sofa nap every day I would have. Baxter has it down.

The two week break has gone by so quickly. And it makes me excited for the summer holidays and picnics and dirty faces and tent building and water fights and beach trips and probably sofa naps. For me I mean.

We spent some time at the National Museum of Scotland this week so the big kids could attend a science festival event. They loved it. Baxter loved the animals and weird stuff in jars. And I had my phone stolen somewhere in the train station or museum. It's annoying because I've lost photos and contacts so if you try to message me and I don't get back to you soz. Keep trying please!

I've been reading this book

I would really recommend it if you are as interested in gut bacteria as I am. I know it's a little niche but I am absolutely convinced the health of our microbiome is the key to everything. I'm now experimenting with prebiotics and probiotics but I have no idea if that kind of thing is appropriate to blog about and/or discuss at the dinner table. My sense of propriety might be slightly skewed living with mostly feral children.

As in, a few mornings ago I was researching composting in a gardening book. So I can make my own compost to improve my homegrown vegetables which my gut bacteria are going to LOVE. Anyway back to the book. Grier starting groaning and making gagging noises. When I looked up she said 'No way am I eating that'


'No way am I eating that thing in your recipe book Mum'

She thought I might try to feed her compost.

I'll leave that thought with you.


so big


watchin' the wheel

I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun and chocolate and fun.