Easter 2017

The egg hunt tradition around here usually happens indoors, you can usually count on wet weather over Easter in Scotland. In our jammies. With the kids leaving a trail of destruction as they hunt for the next clue. Then we usually just laze about eating chocolate eggs, watching tv and playing. This year we headed to Granny and Granda's house for another egg hunt and the adults enjoyed dinner, which was delicious, and so much more so when someone else cooks for you - thank you!. The kids didn't eat much - give or take a yorkshire pudding or 3 on account of all the chocolate eggs eaten all ready.

I told Greig yesterday, I hope when the kids are grown and settled in their own nests they might want to come home for Easter. That they will come home and we can relive this season for a day.  I will bake Easter Bread and serve chocolate eggs in egg cups for breakfast and hang my glittery egg garland up and buy tulips and daffodils. I hope so.

Clue 1 was hidden in the artfully messy fridge. Ok then, just messy. Took them ages to find it though.

Baxter was delighted to find a (not hidden) Easter biscuit. Not part of the hunt but no matter.

This was a red herring, he was looking for a 'pair'. He thought socks but the trickster clue writer meant shoes. 

Found you!

Some bunnies