Shout out to my Six! (year old).........

Her favourite pop song for those of you who caught the reference. She only knows one line of the whole song though.


Grier at six.

She is smart and inquisitive and pragmatic and positive and ever affectionate. She is an engineer of fantastical objects and expansive ideas. She loves pink (still) and plays football and ballet dances and is the first one to jump straight into a water balloon fight with both feet.


She still prefers skirts and dresses to trousers. She will happily dig in the mud all afternoon. She is green fingered and loves collecting veg in the garden. She can sew and is learning to knit and still loves nothing more than recycling someone elses rubbish into something new usually with a sprinkle of glitter. She spreads a little glitter everywhere she goes. No really, she literally spreads glitter -

We stretched the birthday celebrations over the whole weekend because why not? Friends and family and cake and soft play.


If people were colours, Grier would be a rainbow I have no doubt. 

Your six years on the planet have been my most colourful ever and I am so grateful for you everyday. You make hard things easier. You make grey skies seem blue somehow. You remind me to do what I love and love what I do.

Happy Six Grier


And bonus baby Grier picture because my hasn't she grown?

birthday 50.jpg