Tenacious G

I blogged Grier’s birthday celebration but it’s tradition for me to record a few words here about the kids as their birthdays roll around. It’s been keeping me awake at night that I haven’t shared Grier at seven. Traditions are important after all. Even ones made up by me.

So my sweet girl is seven. She is still 90% sunshine and 10% steel. She often asks us what she was like as a toddler. And we tell her she was wild and funny and cuddly and most of all that her favourite words were always -

‘Do it self’

And she hasn’t changed a bit. She will persevere with anything for way longer than most of the rest. She will find a better way, a smarter way and a more creative way to do pretty much anything. She seems to thrive on the challenge and the longer it takes to do something the more satisfaction she gains from doing it. I love this so much about you Grier.

Grier sees patterns everywhere. Taking note of the colour of everything she sees and adding it to visual database which seems to exist in her brain, like rows upon rows of Crayola crayons. The steady stream of things she’s built, crafted and designed continues. She loves to dance freely to music and sings with abandon often.

She still seems so small when I hold her little, delicate hand. But when she sits on my knee she has to fold her suddenly lengthy limbs around her body to fit in the space. And she does still sit on my knee for which I am very grateful. She’s somewhere in the in between and it’s spectacularly beautiful.

Until next year Grier, grow and grow and grow. And always ‘do it self’. Unless you need help in which case I will do whatever it takes, okay?

Love you.