I feel like we've been wintering a long time.......

I'm not one of those people who hates winter. I mean I hate being cold but by the magic of modern technology I'm rarely actually cold. I don't mind grey days and dark nights really. I like hot drinks and knitting marathons a lot so it all balances out.

But I have to say I'm feeling a bit meh. There are lots of exciting things on the horizon for the year ahead but just now they feel very far away.

The kids have no problem with long, lazy days at home so it's not like I feel I have to entertain them. And I'm sure I've mentioned before I don't really have the cabin fever gene, I'm a homebird who doesn't get antsy to get out after a while. Well maybe a really long while.

And I could always start a new crafty project, or finish one of the many in progress but for some reason I don't want to. I don't know what I want.

Tell me, how do you get through these not quite spring yet days?

And Baxter in the snow, because even though it's cold, it's fun, fun, fun.