I don't really read blogs anymore.  Occasionally I might follow a link I see on Instagram but not often. Do you read blogs anymore, or have they had their day?

When I started blogging (7 years ago!) it was to document my our days.  As a way to keep our memories safe, to record all the little things which signposted our lives. 

But now I feel torn. Brodie is 9 now and in a few years will no doubt be taking his own part in social media.  Is it right for me to keep including him here?  Should I ask his permission?  

I suppose this is why in part, posts are few and far between these days.  I've used the kids as my writing material for so long I'm not sure if I have anything else to say.  Or have the confidence to say it.  I still have lots of photos to share though.  And a preschooler who is far to busy with dough to pay attention to me.  As an aside if you know little children Djeco dough is the best ever.  We usually pick it up in Waterstones.