It's Nice to be in Nice

So the summer holidays are coming to an end.........

So it seemed timely to get around to sorting out our Nice holiday photos and get them blogged.  You know, before Christmas rolls around.

This year was our first trip outwith the UK. Going on an actual flight and everything.

The travelling was fine. The kids were great. The adults behaved well (could probably do better). I packed way too many clothes for everyone. 

And being in France was amazing. The kids were like sponges soaking it all in. They noticed all the cool things I hoped they might and all the random things kids delight in. They rode the tram and traipsed around the supermarket with us. They spent hours with snorkels in the sea. They turned a caramel colour. They ate pain au chocolat on the balcony. I enjoyed it all so much.


I took a lot of photographs. So the story of Nice 2018 is quite likely to be a several part affair. Soz and frites.