A week after her appendectomy Grier turned 7!

We went ahead with her birthday party as planned. A picnic party in the park where we made nature crowns, did a scavenger hunt to find treasure and played hide and seek. A good reflection of Grier at 7 - crafts. being outside, friends and letting loose.

Having been in the hospital the week before didn’t help with the usual bittersweet feelings birthdays bring up. This vibrant, effervescent, wonderful child contrasted with the fragile, poorly and exceptionally brave one. Of course they are all parts of the same magnificent little girl.

Grier 1.jpg

And when you wake up on your seventh birthday it’s best to open your presents then be presented with pancakes with sprinkles and a unicorn candle. Duh.

grier 3.jpg
grier 5.jpg
grier 6.jpg

I’m not going to lie, I was delighted when Grier chose this simple elephant cake as the one she wanted me to recreate from a book she has. Just cake and simple meringue buttercream and no complicated decorations. Thanks BellaBoo! She didn’t even object when Baxter insisted on adding a whole barrage of random candles to the original design.

Loved celebrating this SuperStar (TM)