Galaday 2018

This year was Baxter’s first Galaday!

He’d only been going to our local school nursery for 2 days but that qualified him to take part on the school float and he wasn’t missing that chance for anything! I made Grier’s costume during the summer holidays and Baxter’s was cobbled together from things we already had at home but he was delighted. Brodie skipped the dressing up this year as he wasn’t interested in the theme. People always like to have a good moan about the Galaday but I love it. The kids really get into it, it’s part of our local heritage and if you don’t like it do something about it people!

gala 1.jpg
gala 2.jpg
gala 4.jpg
gala 5.jpg

Walking alongside the float is a dangerous business though, getting pelted in the head with flying sweeties is just part of the experience!