Baxter turning four or now’ being the number four’ as he says has kept us out of the doldrums this January. It’s not possible to be feeling down when your newly minted four year old slips into the bed and asks if you think there might be any presents for him. When he opens each gift exclaiming ‘wow’ each time and opening each card, delighted that each has a number four on it. Despite desiring a mobile phone and a tablet computer he really was happy with a zombie, a monster that spins round laughing manically and some Thomas the Tank minis. The electronics will come Baxter!

Friends and family turned up for him to celebrate with him which never fails to inspire gratitude in a very real way and not in a #blessed way.

The boy who thinks pizza is the best food ever was chuffed with his pizza cake and Grier was most helpful in the decoration department.

Baxter at four is funny and cheerful and boisterous and always seeks out opportunity to laugh and make others laugh. He is kind and sometimes shy. He is making friendships and taking steps confidently yet quietly towards independence every day. He likes to sing and dance and stick and glue. He loves to play monsters, dinosaurs, police officers and sleeping bunnies. He likes cosy, soft clothes and loves cuddly toys. He likes Supertato books and watching Team Umizoomi and Animal Mechanicals.

His day becomes instantly better when Brodie and Grier get home from school and the team is reunited. He wants to do what they do so much. He tells jokes which make absolutely no sense which are impossible not to laugh at. He is wonderful company and I’d always choose him as a dinner party guest - though he might tell me the food looks like hairy fried bat ears.

I hope you always keep your sense of fun Baxter. I hope you love this fiercely always.