second child

I was chatting to a lovely mum at Brodie and Grier's swimming lessons about her new arrival, a gorgeous baby boy and second child.  It got me thinking about birth order and the difference between how we treat our firstborn and subsequent littles.

Sometimes being a second child sucks. Some people go through their whole lives resentful of the fact they are a second born. Not me of course, I like to think being the second child made the naughty things I did less naughty in light of the fact I did them 5 years later than my brother so my parents were over it. They could see clearly 5 years down the road, so unravelling the toilet roll around the house probably seemed like smallfry compared what I was likely to get up to later so why bother?Poor Grier, I think the only time her clothes have been changed midday has been when she was literally covered in unmnetionaables. A little bit of poo on a vest? Big deal sister, you'll make it to bedtime, just stand downwind. Such is the lot of the second child. Benign neglect is the official name for this phenomenon. Sure, your milestones might be (a little) less celebrated, your might have to wait your turn but you probably get away with a bit more too. Sounds fair to me.