Christmas 2017

I think I probably say this ever year but this Christmas was the best one yet. Despite all of us being ill and having dirty floors on Christmas Day, the whole thing was fab.

I learned that Santa still comes if your fridge is of questionable cleanliness. I realised that the children can survive perfectly well on chocolate buttons and cheerios for a remarkably long time. That being left to play for days on end is exactly what the kids want. That I should make it a priority to spend time with loved ones and welcome people over the holidays to really feel 'Christmassy'.

It hasn't been perfect. There's a list of people I failed to see or visit, there was bickering and frayed tempers, my step count for the past week has been dismal and I'm 90% chocolate and gluten free Christmas cake at this point. I wrote a long list of things I'd like to bake which didn't happen. My December Daily memory album is unfinished. I could go on but what would be the point.

Good enough is fine, fantastic actually. It's all about how you choose to see things. It's all about watching Danger Mouse or Thomas and his Friends or Barbie. It's about reading new books and building new toys and binge watching Netflix with no guilt. Pyjamas until lunchtime or beyond. Sales shopping from the comfort of the couch. Enjoying the droopy, lopsided tree. Making the most of 'it' while it lasts.

I think it's a secret of adulthood that there will always be more Christmas. That lovely warm feeling we try to capture in a bottle to keep for later. Future Christmas' might not look like the one just past but there will no doubt be magic and love and laughter.  Photos!


This was our pre Christmas celebration with my Dad's side of the family before they jetted off to Dubai. Kids had great fun with cousins and ate smarties and cake. Obvs.


Having Grier to help me set the table on Christmas Eve was lovely. She's quite into faffing with table ware and placecards and candles.


Christmas morning at home


Then on to Granny and Granda's for a delicious Christmas lunch, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends. And then home to cuddle with with a very soft, huge penguin.


Hope your Christmas was exactly what you imagined it would be. 

Christmas 2016


It's been such a long time since my last blog post. Such a long time. Yet it feels like about five minutes. Because time is not my friend anymore. It speeds by relentlessly and the blog has slid to the very bottom of the priority list and I'm not sure why. 


My desire to record memories from special events is overwhelming. So here is Christmas. And yes Baxter turned two this week but I must blog in chronological order or the sky might fall down. Maybe.

PS. I am still posting on Instagram lots because it takes about five seconds so if you'd like to keep up with our everyday stuff please find me! And I'd love to follow you back.


This was my favourite Christmas ever. The kids were delightful - almost all the time. I really made an effort to spend quality time with loved ones. It was exhausting but good exhausting. And makes me already excited for the next,

This New Year

So I'm perfectly aware it's mid January. But in the interests of capturing my life in chronological order within the pages of this here digital scrapbook I'm going to need you to pretend time travel back a few weeks. Then once we've got that out of the way I can share Baxter's birthday with you, m'kay?

So here we go.....

Hogmany = eating

somehow, somewhere along the line hogmanay was declared 'stripe day'. so we all wore stripes and made this sign a lot. international sign for 'stripes' innit?

brodie stayed up to watch ET.  a little reminder that one of the littles is not so little anymore.

and then it was time for more food. rack of venison with a port and blueberry sauce. red onion tarte tatin. star anise carrots. quite often i'm critical of food i make but i'm happy to say i stuffed my face with all of that and loved it. gluten free lemon tart came out not too shabby either. enjoyed some delicious rhubarb and ginger gin. i suspect it's a good thing i don't eat this way every day.......

happy new year!

still with the make up



there were magic tricks in our crackers. watching him master them was the real magic

Christmas 2014

This has been a Christmas like no other. It's been punctuated with hospital visits for Croup, coughs, colds and sneezes, braxton hicks contractions and other assorted ailments.But so much good stuff too. Cuddles and laughs and the kind of golden magic that memories are spun from. Never have I been more aware that Christmas is never about what you want or what you get it's only ever about being aware of what you already have. Of holding it close and cherishing those whom you hold dear. Nothing else really matters a jot.

It probably says a lot about my current state of body and mind that my favourite presents were an insanely comfortable pair of slippers and some delicious cranberry gluten free cookies. I was lucky enough to recieve lots of lovely things but those really hit the spot.

As a parent Christmas can be tricky. Juggling the fine line between a suitable level of excitement and hysteria through a delicate balance of sugar, sleep and new toys. I'm very proud of B and G, they wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves and at 3 and 5 why shouldn't they? They were at turns gracious and kind and fed up and whiny and thoughtful and once again 3 and 5.

The last Christmas Book before bed on Christmas Eve

Brodie waited for Daddy to come and get him in the morning before they checked to see if Santa had been. Then he made this face for every present he opened.

I'll never give up trying to get a decent photograph of us all, I must be insane.

After Greig finished work on Boxing Day we took some family photos at Nana and Grandad's house.

And that's a wrap. I can't quite believe we'll have a nearly one year old  added to the gang this time next year. I truly hope you had a great Christmas whatever that means for you.

Bring on the Hogmanay!

This Life

So anyone else feel themselves hurtling towards Christmas at a startling rate? 

Brodie's festive programme has been packed this week - nativity play, parties, general overexposure to sugary foods and he has done so well. I'd mentally prepared to give him a lot more rope and he's surprised me at how wonderful he has been. Just the right side of fever pitch excitement with another level to be reached by the 24th no doubt.

And the Bellaboo? Well she's been poorly, unfortunately. More hand, foot and mouth we think which has made her miserable. But we are very grateful she's been sick this week and not next and hopefully by the time the guy in the red suit rolls around she'll be back to full fitness.

I finished up at work this week - it's nice to be done but I'll miss school and all the lovely people inside.

We're heading to Montrose this weekend for some time with our favourite Fake Aunties and I bagsy that I'm the most excited. I can't wait to see them and have a good catch up. What's everyone else up to?

my little bakers at work

you know you want one

poorly girl packed in lots of granny cuddles this week

my husband is the best ever.  he agreed to take some photos with me which involved me fannying about with remotes forever, complaining about lighting and making him do stupid poses. more to come.