Knit it real good

Thanks for encouraging my gut bacteria obsession family and friends and random blog readers. You guys are the best.

I'm not joking.

My sister in law sent me the link to this video

I mean, transplanting gut bacteria seems gross, and dangerous and frankly ridiculous..........but at the same time I think it might be the future. Not Jetson cars or hoverboards. Gut bacteria tinkering, that's what we'll all be doing.

Yesterday I did some knitting while listening to the S-town podcast. And I completely lost track of time. The kids were playing in the garden with Greig supervising and for the first time in years I think, after an hour I looked up and genuinely felt like I had been transported in time. I was so absorbed in listening and sewing up sleeves I forgot what was going on around me. It was lovely. How can I do it again?

It's now Monday afternoon and I'm watching the snow fall. Ah Scotland.

Finally finished this crochet blanket for Quinn. Now Grier has put in her request for a rainbow crochet blanket. I imagine she can expect to take delivery of it in 2021. 

Friday night. Brodie at football. These two munching toast. Standard.

This is the cardigan I finished. It's from an old pattern I found in our local charity shop and this is the biggest size. I'm so glad I had time to knit it before Baxter was too big because it's just lovely. I love this photograph, so Baxter. Scoop the digger and kinetic sand and completely ignoring your Mum's requests to pose in your new cardigan.  Baxter at two.

I'll draw him

I made this a few years ago. I used it to announce that I was expecting Baxter. I took it off the wall months ago when we redecorated our hallway after all the loft conversion fun was finished with. I rearranged our pictures, swapped some around and put this into the pile of - don't throw it away but no idea what to do with it yet - things. I hoped that at some time in the future I'd be able to update with a little figure to represent Baxter but it wasn't high priority (sorry Baby B).

It has sat in the craft/junk room since then. Until a few weeks ago when Grier found it. And she carefully undid the hooks at the back. And she drew Baxter in where he should be - she told me that I'm holding him because he can't stand up on his own yet. And then she presented me with it and told me to hang it back up.

And I think I stood there with my mouth open for about two minutes. I couldn't believe that she had taken the initiative to include her little brother. I couldn't believe that the injustice of him not being included had moved her to do it for herself.

Of course I hung it straight up. I liked it before but now I know I will keep it forever. And I'll probably tell her the story of how it came to be a million times because she is just amazing. She often shows her love by creating things for us but this might be the best one ever.

I am still amazed that being big siblings is (mostly) the best thing ever for Brodie and Grier. That they can't, don't, won't remember a time before Baxter.

Crochet Blanket

This is pretty much the first thing I've crocheted other than a couple of scarf,s a baby hat and some random snowflakes. I really enjoyed it and it came together so quickly which is the wonderful thing about crochet.

Now, if only I could remember what on earth I was thinking when I chose the colour scheme. I look at it and wonder if my mind was altered in some way because really, I think it's pretty hideous.

When I was pregnant with Grier I was obsessed with yellow and grey so I feel bad that I just repeated that for Baby 3. Obviously subconciously I thought about this at some point so I added turquoise, blue and cream. I mean really, what was I on?

When the baby is here I think I'll try and do it again with better colours because I really like the pattern but everytime I see it out of the corner of my eye I just shake my head in disbelief.

And why not knit some baby hats in equally dubious colour ways?

Easter Goodies

I sort of find Easter a weird one. At Christmas time it's much easier to tell and retell the Christmas Story and warble one about peace of earth, goodwill to all, that kind of thing. But the Easter story lends itself less well to bedtime stories plus the whole Easter Bunny thing just confuses things massively.

However I don't think we were going to get away with another year of just ignoring the whole thing. Plus any excuse for crafting right?

I've had this treat bag pinned for years and I'm so glad I got round to making some. I'm completely on board with this reusable wrapping thing and these were so easy to make.  I love felt. I feel like I may have mentioned that about 32432432 times on the blog, but it's so good to make with.

But what's in the bag? Well for the kids I made one for, including my most handsome nephew Robbie I just put some non edible little gifts I thought they would get a kick out of. A wee chocolate bunny may also have sneaked in....

For B and G I put some easter chick pegs in - random but fun - and I made theme some of these chocolate surprise eggs. I found a silicon egg mould in the poundshop which I filled with melted chocolate, leaving them somewhat hollow in the centre. Before I glued the halfs together with melted chocolate I popped in some haribo sweets to make them surprise eggs.

They are quite small - but thick and the kids already have a shelf groaning with eggs kindly gifted to them by friends and family.

I can see me making suprise eggs a yearly tradition and I'll make sure to reuse the bunny bags too. I bought some plastic fillable eggs which I filled with marshmallows which we will  (Greig will) hide tomorrow morning and I think we'll hand over the bunny booty when they've found all of the eggs.

Do you have any Easter traditions you'd like to tell me about? Or do you mostly just subscribe to the eating so much chocolate you feel a bit pukey camp?