Knit it real good

Thanks for encouraging my gut bacteria obsession family and friends and random blog readers. You guys are the best.

I'm not joking.

My sister in law sent me the link to this video

I mean, transplanting gut bacteria seems gross, and dangerous and frankly ridiculous..........but at the same time I think it might be the future. Not Jetson cars or hoverboards. Gut bacteria tinkering, that's what we'll all be doing.

Yesterday I did some knitting while listening to the S-town podcast. And I completely lost track of time. The kids were playing in the garden with Greig supervising and for the first time in years I think, after an hour I looked up and genuinely felt like I had been transported in time. I was so absorbed in listening and sewing up sleeves I forgot what was going on around me. It was lovely. How can I do it again?

It's now Monday afternoon and I'm watching the snow fall. Ah Scotland.

Finally finished this crochet blanket for Quinn. Now Grier has put in her request for a rainbow crochet blanket. I imagine she can expect to take delivery of it in 2021. 

Friday night. Brodie at football. These two munching toast. Standard.

This is the cardigan I finished. It's from an old pattern I found in our local charity shop and this is the biggest size. I'm so glad I had time to knit it before Baxter was too big because it's just lovely. I love this photograph, so Baxter. Scoop the digger and kinetic sand and completely ignoring your Mum's requests to pose in your new cardigan.  Baxter at two.


This post has been sitting in my draft folder since the day before Baxter arrived.....

Brodie was lucky enough to be swathed in beautiful handknitted clothes, mostly made by his fantastically talented Granny Morag. He had hats and mitts and bootees and blankets and a beautiful shawl to be wrapped in. He had cardigans and coats and pram covers all one offs and made just for him.

I couldn't knit at all then. Although every once in a while I would ask Morag to show me how to knit and she was always very patient with me and I always ended tucking away a sad little triangle which was supposed to be a scarf or a blanket that I had given up on.

When I was pregnant with Grier I had another go and was slightly more successful. I knitted a blanket which I didn't quite finish. I also attempted a little coat which somehow came out twice as wide as it should have been. For her first Christmas I knitted her a pair of soft shoes and I was pretty much hooked since then. It goes without saying that Grier also had many, many beautiful handknits created just for her by Morag.

I would still say I'm a novice knitter, I still give up on way more than I finish but the process of creating is good for the soul and knitting is meditative in it's own way. I've learned though library books and the internet mostly and of course Morag is always on hand should I need an experts help.

This baby has the blanket I started for Grier and lots of hats and a box of Granny knitting waiting to be delved into. I read recently that the next best thing to holding a new baby is knitting for one. So when the baby we're waiting for doesn't want to cuddle on my knee anymore I'll knit for the babies of our families and friends and remember a time when I knitted for my own.

I knitted this suit for the new baby and it's probably the piece of knitting I'm most proud of.

Crochet Blanket

This is pretty much the first thing I've crocheted other than a couple of scarf,s a baby hat and some random snowflakes. I really enjoyed it and it came together so quickly which is the wonderful thing about crochet.

Now, if only I could remember what on earth I was thinking when I chose the colour scheme. I look at it and wonder if my mind was altered in some way because really, I think it's pretty hideous.

When I was pregnant with Grier I was obsessed with yellow and grey so I feel bad that I just repeated that for Baby 3. Obviously subconciously I thought about this at some point so I added turquoise, blue and cream. I mean really, what was I on?

When the baby is here I think I'll try and do it again with better colours because I really like the pattern but everytime I see it out of the corner of my eye I just shake my head in disbelief.

And why not knit some baby hats in equally dubious colour ways?

Dear Olivia

My Dearest niece Olivia,

Today I post your Christmas parcel to you in Manhattan. Unfortunately I suspect even Santa Claus himself could not get it to you in time to open on the 25th. For this I must offer a sincere apology. I probably shouldn't have knitted you a jumper which required the sewing on of 26 buttons but I hope you'll like it none the less. I'm sorry if your hat is a little mishapen, your girl cousin was most enamoured with it and continued to squeeze it's small form onto her considerably larger head despite my pleading. And I must also add that yours will not be the first sticky fingers to turn the pages of your new book. You see we also have a copy of the same book and during the wrapping of your copy it was squirrelled away by Brodie and Grier. Don't worry, I wrestled it back and wiped it off for you.

Have the most wonderful Christmas precious girl, your Scottish family send you much love. Children embody the magic of Christmas and thanks to you this festive season your Mummy and Daddy will get to feel that too.

Owlet Jumper



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