Me and Mine October 2015

It's been a really long time since I joined in with #meandmine because not only does it require me to take a photograph of all of me and mine it requires me to post it on the right day. But occasionally the stars do align so here we go!

Lots of mums say they don't appear much in family albums and I'm no different so I'm sure I'll look back on these fondly because I'm actually in them!

October was a good month. We were all sick at various points but there was lots of great times too.

Big Girl Pants

It was time.It was time to get on my big girl pants and cross some things off the to do list which I had been avoiding ostrich style. First I got up and went for a run. For the first time in a long time. It was fine. I maybe even enjoyed it a little and I certainly felt I'd accomplished something before breakfast. Then I stepped on the scales - sheesh - that was painful. But, it could have been worse. I checked the bank accounts. Mmmmm. I tidied out the food cupboards. Got rid of out of date stuff. Got rid of some junk. Only 2314589766259868 jobs to complete. It's totally worth embracing things you've been putting off just so you can feel a bit smug after. Join me? Grier

Around here

A lot and a whole lot of nothing. That's what's been going on around here. The place is littered with half-finished craft projects. It seems that I can never actually manage to gather all the materials needed to complete something in one go.There are some wedding projects in the mix too which explains why blogging has been infrequent I hope. And I can't actually post anything I've made or the gift recipient won't get a surprise will they?

What has everyone else been doing?

Getting first (real) shoes shoes

Watching videos iphone

Being carried in the Duplo basket


Never a dull moment.

Wedding Season

Most people imagine wedding season is spring/summer time but I beg to differ. Our loved ones have embraced autumn/winter weddings. I love a good wedding no matter the season but actually I think darker evenings and being cosied up inside add to the whole experience. Yesterday Tony and Jade got married in a very personal ceremony where the celebrant used a stapler to make his point - Jade worked in a stationery shop when she me him - the celebrant not Tony. We had a great day and the kids did really well with the lulls which always happen in a wedding. They did brilliantly during the meal and Brodie enjoyed racing around with balloons on the dance floor for what seemed like hours. It was lovely to be part of the day and we appreciated all the little touches they included.


Greig's iPhone kept Brodie busy and a constant stream of biscotti kept Grier fairly co-operative during the ceremony. I think we're reading for the next wedding now!



Having kids does something weird to your sense of time. Everyone says time flies when your children are young and I would whole heartedly agree. I mean one day I brought home a teeny 7lb baby home from the hospital and now he's a 35lb walking, talking, opinionated, free thinking, creative, actual boy. And it all happened so quickly.Some days though the clock actually seems to go backwards. Like time goes the wrong way. And often when I don't think I can take another round of hide and seek, I wish I could wish away half an hour and be closer to bedtime. On those days after Brodie and Grier have gone to bed and I look back over my less than stellar motherly actions I feel bad for the way I've reacted but I feel truly awful for wishing that time away. Because while time seems endless just now and the days we have together stretch on and on I know it will be over all too soon. Soon Brodie and Grier will have other things to do, not just stay at home with me. And we will be off doing our own things in our own spaces. I'm trying not to be sad about that, to embrace it as another stage and look forward to the next.