Stick man, o stick man

We found out about a Stick Man trail locally over the September weekend and it seemed like a lovely way to spend an hour or two. Brodie was unimpressed with our attempts to follow the trail in reverse - to avoid the crowds. So we had to double back and start again. Baxter had some zoo confusion and thought the information boards confirmed the presence of the real Stick Man and actual Gruffalo. I can totally see how that makes sense when you are 2. We didn't find any Gruffalos but we'll keep trying.


If you are local you should look it up and take a trip over. We really enjoyed it and I think the kids would love to go again. Deal!

A ghost, a mouse and a 4 armed yeti

It's that spooky, fiery time of year.

The kids get a real kick out of all things Halloween. I really, really don't. I sort of feel like I should be more into it for them but you can't fake that kind of enthusiasm. I should know - Greig tries every year when Christmas rolls around every year. (Sorry Greig).

But I love costumes so it's always fun getting them together. And I like food so that's all good. And we have friends who dress up every year much to the unbridled delight of my children. And this year I hung up orange felt pumpkins and a fake bat and a couple of glow in the dark skeletons. And I'm happy to pack them away until next year!

First up on our autumn schedule was a trip to the Dragon Matrix in Monikie Park. It was something Brodie heard about and when I mentioned it to a school mum she said they were planning to go so we met up with them there. The children had to find clues and use the smart phone app to help the Dragon Protection League protect dragons. They seemed to really love it and I appreciated the work that had gone into making the trail seem quite magical. The light was very low though so photographs were challenging.


Apparently the follow up next year is going to be even better!

Monikie Park is handily close to our Halloween crazy friends. I'm sad to say I didn't manage to get a snap of them dressed up as a squid/monster and heavily pregnant woopie cushion. A massive oversight I know - still kicking myself. But if I get my hands on some evidence I will most definitely be posting that ALL OVER the internet. Needless to say the kids were falling about laughing at the costume reveal. Auntie Kerry came through with amazing food, games, dooking for apples and providing the best time. Thanks Kerry!

Halloween continued at home with a visit to Granny's. The big kids went to the Halloween disco at school and we also hit up Great Granda for some supplementary sweeties and I'm not going to lie. By that point even I was bored of the mouse, the ghost and the 4 armed yeti.


Fireworks night rolled around. We decided it was probably a bit cold for Baxter so he banked some extra Granny and Granda time. The big kids were tired and it was freezing but we had fun. I have strong memories of the excitement of watching fireworks as a child and I still get a thrill . Hope the kids will tag along with me for a few years yet!



This Life

Two weeks since the last blog update. A lot can happen in two weeks and a lot probably has. But I'll be darned if I can actually remember much.

Grier corrected me when I explained that amber was a type of rock. She reminded me that it's actually a fossil. So that was nice.

Baxter takes my breath away every day with his daring moves designed to make my hair grey even faster.

Brodie is now reading absolutely everything he comes across, no tabloid headline or street sign is safe from my little word master.

We debated whether Baxter was too small to come to Fireworks Night but I'm glad we all trooped along. He might not remember being there but Brodie and Grier will remember us all being together. Sometimes it's good to step out of our routine. The best bit was watching Brodie dance to the music with complete wild abandon. 


And now I think I will declare that Winter is really happening. I'm so looking forward to lots of things we have planned over the next month or so. I am busily trying to get things organised so that I can enjoy lots of family time over the holidays. It's all a balance isn't it? Getting ahead so you can slow down a bit.

You can see our firework adventure from a few years ago here

Back on it

So October has been a bust blog wise. No fancy crafty posts. No carefully crafted pieces on the joy of motherhood. Even lacking in posts which consist of too many photos of the Cameron children barely linked with non witty repartee.

I blame it on all the vomit we've been cleaning up. I'd tell you the whole story but the short version is probably more than enough. It goes like this. Sick bug, vomit, hand sanitiser, anti bacterial spray, sick bug laughs in the face of pathetic attempts to contain it. Much, much more vomit.


I don't think I ever need to use that word again do I?

I'd like to say we're over it now but that's probably just inviting round 2 so I'll just say we are safely 24 hours without any, you know, vomit............

But before that happened we had our wee break in Perthshire.

country gent

did you spot the baby?


driving to get the baby to sleep. he slept for about 20 minutes whilst his big siblings snored gently for over an hour.........

it was a lovely getaway, a bite sized adventure filled with all of our favourite things. you can see what we got up to last October here and here.

back home the baby rocked his legwarmers

some very orderly printing was undertaken by the artist in residence

I took these about ten minutes apart. she went from posing to full on zzzzing while listening to grand old duke on repeat through her headphones.

i watched him sleep for a long time. i never want to forget the peace which washes over you when you watch your baby sleep. it is magical.

And with that eclectic mix I'll call it a night! Halloween preparations are well under way. Look forward to sugar crazed antics coming your way soon (ish).

Hope you have fun whatever you get up to this weekend