Ghost and Ghouls

Our Halloween celebrations appear to be growing each year as the kids do. They are avid costume wearers and party goers so you know, we costumed and this year we partied with cousins. We served all sorts of disgusting food - severed fingers and bloodied eyeballs. We played games and enjoyed the excuse to get together, big and little and spend time chatting over a tasty poo. Yes really, Auntie Kerry excelled herself by rustling up some edible, chewy poo. Her talents and enthusiasm for all things spooky, gooey and ghastly know no bounds. 


This game quickly descended into children eating pink icing buns from the kitchen floor. Immune system boost right there.


Standard werewolf dooking pose


This is Greig literally diving headfirst into the festivities. No really, he hates any sort of dressing up so this is a big deal. Nice work catboy.


Everyone needs some ketchup with their severed finger. And Grier takes party food very seriously.


No pictures said the Fox



Filey is near Bridlington.

Bridlington is a seaside town which I consider to have considerable charm combined with faded glamour. It's not Disneyland for sure but I think that's what I like. It is flashy and tacky in parts. It has a working harbour and smells a bit fishy. It has a promenade and seafront which has likely remain relatively unchanged for a very long time. It sure is an interesting place to eat an ice cream and watch the world go by. See exhibit 1.

We've only been home a week but already looking back on these photographs has crystallised these memories in my mind. Baxter at exactly the right height to swing perilously from the 2p falls. Grier making sand angels and drawing figures in the sand and telling me the complicated back stories which accompany them. Brodie with wet feet after the lure of wave jumping proved to be just too strong to resist.

En vacances 2016

We choose our holiday destinations like this. We decide how long we can possibly bear to be trapped in a small space with the kids and then we choose places within that travelling distance time. Then Greig spends a loooonnnnggg time scouting suitable accommodations, shows me pictures online and then I point 'that one'. Job done. It's worked well so far at least.

This year we sojourned in Filey, Yorkshire. 

We were fabulously close to a quiet beach, had a swimming pool a stones throw away and were within travelling distance of a theme park. Easily pleased I think you'd call that. It was a fantastically busy, noisy, happy, exhausting, sugared week which left my face a little sore from smiling and laughing. I don't think it matters where we go but when I have time with my little family we draw closer together, see new things about each other we haven't noticed and make memories we will have forever. #winning

she valiantly attempted to eat all that cake. but i ended up wrapping up about three quarters to take home with us.

busy busy. lego. colouring. beading. busy busy

i can only think that the sand was warm?

scrub land back drop? out of focus? no-one looking at the camera? perfect family portrait. happy faces though!

meet giraffe, the newest member of the family

i walked one evening as the sun was beginning to set which made me wonder why I don't try to catch the golden hour more often. probably because golden hour falls very close to 'bath/books/bed' hour.

You know that this is literally a fraction of the photographs I took don't you? I have literally dumped them onto the computer but will be back when I have them organised. This is just the modern equivalent of a holiday photographs slide shows isn't it? Although I will never know if you nod off half way through or not..........