This Life

Two blog posts in a month. Whooah there Caroline. 

The last couple of weeks have been big in the world of Grier. She won a Mother's Day competition run by Waterstones and her drawing is being used in their national advertising. If you visit a Waterstones branch they should be displaying posters which feature her picture and if you see it will you let me know? 

It was very exciting for us all to go along and see it and for Grier to pick up her prize.

dishwasher obsessed. i wonder if this domestic streak comes from me?

prepping for world book day. do you know who he is?

sit with your sister and let me take a nice picture. nope.

billy the penguin is this baby's best bud. forever.

would you mess with captain no beard?

and this weekend was Grier's first dancing show. she was so ridiculously grown up. She skipped off backstage without me. She came on stage without a hint of nerves or trepidation. She danced, she smiled. She rocked it. Proud doesn't begin to cover it. 

And this week someone in our family is turning 7. I know, how can that possibly be? Hold me.

This New Year

So I'm perfectly aware it's mid January. But in the interests of capturing my life in chronological order within the pages of this here digital scrapbook I'm going to need you to pretend time travel back a few weeks. Then once we've got that out of the way I can share Baxter's birthday with you, m'kay?

So here we go.....

Hogmany = eating

somehow, somewhere along the line hogmanay was declared 'stripe day'. so we all wore stripes and made this sign a lot. international sign for 'stripes' innit?

brodie stayed up to watch ET.  a little reminder that one of the littles is not so little anymore.

and then it was time for more food. rack of venison with a port and blueberry sauce. red onion tarte tatin. star anise carrots. quite often i'm critical of food i make but i'm happy to say i stuffed my face with all of that and loved it. gluten free lemon tart came out not too shabby either. enjoyed some delicious rhubarb and ginger gin. i suspect it's a good thing i don't eat this way every day.......

happy new year!

still with the make up



there were magic tricks in our crackers. watching him master them was the real magic

Good News!

Excellent news. It's December. Which means December Daily time. Which means me having to blow the dust off my camera every day. Which means photos for This Life posts. You lucky ducks.

I sort of feel like I'm standing still and just letting December whistle past me at break neck speed and trying not to fall over. And it's only day 4.



never knowingly leaves a drawer unemptied


cuddle or death grip?

writing a letter to santa requires some research on the Lego website......

cannot stay away from a telly. your telly, my telly, any telly. Also isn't supposed to be emptying that cupboard. sigh.

can put the radio on and dance. as shown here.

day 4 of advent books and I remember why I wrap up 24 books every year. because it's so exciting. and i will do it until they are 37 if they'll let me.

This Life

Two weeks since the last blog update. A lot can happen in two weeks and a lot probably has. But I'll be darned if I can actually remember much.

Grier corrected me when I explained that amber was a type of rock. She reminded me that it's actually a fossil. So that was nice.

Baxter takes my breath away every day with his daring moves designed to make my hair grey even faster.

Brodie is now reading absolutely everything he comes across, no tabloid headline or street sign is safe from my little word master.

We debated whether Baxter was too small to come to Fireworks Night but I'm glad we all trooped along. He might not remember being there but Brodie and Grier will remember us all being together. Sometimes it's good to step out of our routine. The best bit was watching Brodie dance to the music with complete wild abandon. 


And now I think I will declare that Winter is really happening. I'm so looking forward to lots of things we have planned over the next month or so. I am busily trying to get things organised so that I can enjoy lots of family time over the holidays. It's all a balance isn't it? Getting ahead so you can slow down a bit.

You can see our firework adventure from a few years ago here

Back on it

So October has been a bust blog wise. No fancy crafty posts. No carefully crafted pieces on the joy of motherhood. Even lacking in posts which consist of too many photos of the Cameron children barely linked with non witty repartee.

I blame it on all the vomit we've been cleaning up. I'd tell you the whole story but the short version is probably more than enough. It goes like this. Sick bug, vomit, hand sanitiser, anti bacterial spray, sick bug laughs in the face of pathetic attempts to contain it. Much, much more vomit.


I don't think I ever need to use that word again do I?

I'd like to say we're over it now but that's probably just inviting round 2 so I'll just say we are safely 24 hours without any, you know, vomit............

But before that happened we had our wee break in Perthshire.

country gent

did you spot the baby?


driving to get the baby to sleep. he slept for about 20 minutes whilst his big siblings snored gently for over an hour.........

it was a lovely getaway, a bite sized adventure filled with all of our favourite things. you can see what we got up to last October here and here.

back home the baby rocked his legwarmers

some very orderly printing was undertaken by the artist in residence

I took these about ten minutes apart. she went from posing to full on zzzzing while listening to grand old duke on repeat through her headphones.

i watched him sleep for a long time. i never want to forget the peace which washes over you when you watch your baby sleep. it is magical.

And with that eclectic mix I'll call it a night! Halloween preparations are well under way. Look forward to sugar crazed antics coming your way soon (ish).

Hope you have fun whatever you get up to this weekend