Christmas 2014

This has been a Christmas like no other. It's been punctuated with hospital visits for Croup, coughs, colds and sneezes, braxton hicks contractions and other assorted ailments.But so much good stuff too. Cuddles and laughs and the kind of golden magic that memories are spun from. Never have I been more aware that Christmas is never about what you want or what you get it's only ever about being aware of what you already have. Of holding it close and cherishing those whom you hold dear. Nothing else really matters a jot.

It probably says a lot about my current state of body and mind that my favourite presents were an insanely comfortable pair of slippers and some delicious cranberry gluten free cookies. I was lucky enough to recieve lots of lovely things but those really hit the spot.

As a parent Christmas can be tricky. Juggling the fine line between a suitable level of excitement and hysteria through a delicate balance of sugar, sleep and new toys. I'm very proud of B and G, they wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves and at 3 and 5 why shouldn't they? They were at turns gracious and kind and fed up and whiny and thoughtful and once again 3 and 5.

The last Christmas Book before bed on Christmas Eve

Brodie waited for Daddy to come and get him in the morning before they checked to see if Santa had been. Then he made this face for every present he opened.

I'll never give up trying to get a decent photograph of us all, I must be insane.

After Greig finished work on Boxing Day we took some family photos at Nana and Grandad's house.

And that's a wrap. I can't quite believe we'll have a nearly one year old  added to the gang this time next year. I truly hope you had a great Christmas whatever that means for you.

Bring on the Hogmanay!