Totally worth it

Brodie needs a Stokke Tripp Trapp. Greig gives me that look. The one that says is it really necessary to spend that much money on a chair? Yup. He's totally worth it.It didn't take Greig long to come around to my way of thinking. We loved that baby Brodie sat up beside us at the table. The Tripp Trapp doesn't come with a tray so Brodie has always eaten off the table. Like literally we just put his food on the table and let him go wild - another tenet of BLW. The Stokke is designed for comfort and good posture and all of that but let's face it none of that would be as important if were not just really useful. It's easy to clean, not cumbersome or any heavier than any other high chair I've carted around and it can just be tucked under the dining table when not being used. So when baby Cameron 2.0 was expected is wasn't hard to get Greig to agree to another one. We needed another one because Brodie still uses his for every meal and we envisage him using it until he's 10,11,12? Or maybe older. You just adjust the seat and footplate sections as your child grows. So this time we ordered one in natural wood to go along with Brodie's original white one. No problem. Oh wait, what's that? Another Stokke product I need to have a look at? Don't mind if I do. This is where Greig thought pregnancy had finally turned me into a complete loon. The newborn set seemed so expensive for what is essentially an infant seat. It doesn't do anything - meaning it doesn't swing or play music or make a cup of tea or anything. I held my ground though based in the fact it was me who was going to be caring for the new baby alongside Brodie most days and I thought it would be useful. And it was. We have used it several times a day since Grier was born. The newborn set clips securely onto the Tripp Trapp and meant I had a safe place to put the baby down when I realised I didn't have 4 hands. She was at a good level - raised up to chair height therefore less likely to be rammed with a train and I could move her around the kitchen with me. She slept in it as a tiny baby, sat with us for every meal and I could easily remove it from the Tripp Trapp and take her with me wherever we needed to go. The cover washes really well and the whole thing still looks brand new. Even Greig had to concede it was a worthwhile purchase. If I could only have on thing - and get rid of the bumbo and swing I would choose this hands down. So in the last few weeks we've gone from this

to this

I'm a complete Stokke fan now, you get what you pay for no doubt. I bought a purple baby set for Grier because purple rocks. The baby set itself has been redesigned since we bought Brodie's - I think Grier's will be even easier to clean. And it's purple. Totally worth it.