Whitby part 1

Yes there's going to be a part 2, I'm quite serious about that.

Whitby is pretty compact - that's a good thing. There's lots to do in a small area. We took the open top bus on our first day and promptly got completely soaked but it gave us our bearings and Grier had a quick nap in the torrential rain, as you do. I had no idea there were so many goths or bikers in Whitby, but don't let that put you off it's a nice contrast to all the beachy stuff. A bit of edge if you like. I also didn't know much about Captain Cook but I do now!

It's a steep walk down to the beach at West Cliff but we got the cliff lift back up. Genius idea.

He started the week predictably with mint choc chip but progressed to cinder toffee and bubblegum. Grier, a girl who knows what she likes stuck with a strict rotation of strawberry and chocolate.

We upgraded our spades. You need a good spade to bury a child.

OK, that's probably enough for today - I wouldn't want to spoil you. Come back tomorrow for more though. No really, please?


We went looking for the fair,  but nada. No dice. We did find a lovely miniature railway, SeaLife sanctuary, beach, ice cream, pasta (GF, woohoo!) and very hilly hills. I'm not sure what I was expecting from Scarborough but I was charmed and enchanted by the seaside glamour of the place. Yes, there was a bit of tack but nothing to send the tack o meter sky high.

We thought the beach was very quiet until we realised we were at the quiet end and when we travelled round the bay we came across the 'other' beach where there wasn't room to swing a bucket and spade.

In fact Grier didn't go near the sea she just lay face down in a sandy puddle and was happy as a pig in mud. Blissful.

Runaway hat.

Runaway boy.