Cheeky Wipes

Good customer service does exist, I have proof.

We used cloth nappies when Brodie was a baby for lots of reasons. Have you ever googled what's in disposable nappies? Or opened a wet one? That gel stuff inside is scary. Not that we don't use disposables - we do on holiday or a pinch. But, cloth nappies save you money, are so reliable - leaks and blowouts just don't happen, are really cute to look at and so comfortable for babies. Winning all round in my book. However when Brodie was tiny we still used disposable wipes and of course nappy sacks to put those dirty wipes in. It kind of upset me that we weren't contributing to landfill with nappies but were throwing away so many dirty wipes and bags, defeating one of the reasons we used cloth nappies. I knew there were washable wipes available but it seemed like such a hassle I never got around to investigating them further. This time we did things differently. Before Grier was born I ordered a set from here. When she was a newborn we mostly used warm water and cotton wool to clean her during changes - warm water seems so much more civilised. Then when she was about three months I cracked open the cheeky wipes kit. And I love it. Honestly. Thinking I'm a bit sad to get so excited? Me too. Essentially the wipes are squares of bamboo fabric which, yes you could easily make yourself, but really, how boring? You get a fresh box for clean wipes and a mucky one for, well, mucky ones. You soak the wipes in the box in just water and a few drops of the lovely essential oils and that's it. They clean so well, are perfectly sized and leave Grier's behind squeaky clean and smell great when you are dealing with poo. There, I said it, poo. Also I pop the box on the radiator on cold days, this warms the wipes and the house smells lovely with those essential oils wafting about. They get tossed in the machine with the nappies and everything was working beautifully. Then one of the fancy lids on the boxes broke. No big deal, I can use the other one right? In truth I only ever used one because I just put the dirty ones in my nappy pail with the nappies. And then the other one broke. So I started to use a Tupperware with a lid. Still worked well but I took a moment to email Cheeky Wipes to give them feedback on how good the wipes were and mentioned my broken boxes. At that point I noticed that they were changing the boxes so maybe I wasn't the only one with a problem? Anyhoo here I am a few weeks later with a brand new box (the updated version). Yes, they sent me a brand new one, with no charge. I would have continued to use the wipes anyway because they are great, but I am so delighted that Cheeky Wipes took on board my feedback (and that of other customers) and fixed my problem. Great product, great customer service, happy Mum, clean bum.