A Handmade Christmas

So at this time of year lots of blogs are full of handmade Christmas gifts and I'm pinning them like a madwoman thinking that would be great for so and so, that looks easy, sure I have time to make those.The truth is I make stuff for me really. I enjoy the making. I enjoy the supply gathering hoarding. I love wrapping things I've made. It also fills me with glee when someone while wearing their new handknitted scarf declares - 'I'm wearing a Cameron Handmade original!' (Bless your heart Kerry Bell). I often wonder though what are people thinking when they open something you've made yourself? Do they think what the heck does she expect me to do with this? Are they thinking please get a new hobby before next year? Are they thinking why doesn't she just buy me something rather than palming me off with this. I suppose when you make something for someone you hope they see what you really put into it. The time and care. And often making things isn't cheaper than buying them, so I wonder if people would prefer something bought and not slightly wonky but made with love? The thing is when you give a gift you've made yourself it's kind of excruciating, I worry about this stuff all the time yet still I keep knitting/sewing/sticking furiously while the nights draw in. So who would like to open these on 25th Dec?

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