More Corrin

I first photographed Corrin when she was just a few months old. I had such a good time doing it and the fact Vivienne and Craig liked the images I took really boosted my confidence. So when Vivienne asked me to take some photos of Corrin at 6 months I was chuffed and really looking forward to it.

As life conspired it turns out Corrin was a bit older at nearly 9 months when we eventually took these photographs but I don't think when we look back that will matter. She was beautiful as a newborn and she is still as captivating. The bluest eyes which sparkle in the light and she was content and happy which made things so much easier.

I guess photographing friends is much easier than 'strangers' but I felt so much more confident this time and didn't feel any pressure to do anything in particular so I just let Corrin do her thing, tried to make sure my settings were right and we got on with it.

I enjoyed this so much, thanks Vivienne for the chance to practise and  you are such a joy for your family wee Corrin. These shots are some of my favourites, love her twinkly eyes so much. 'Til next time Miss T!