Bird feed

We don't have any pets and are likely to never have a furry member of the family thanks to asthma and allergy concerns so I think encounters with animals are pretty important to share with Brodie and Grier.

I want them to be confident around animals and I would like them to have a sense of responsibility for the world they live in and all the living creatures which inhabit it. Brodie has shown an interest in the birds around the garden so this week we got busy with a task I've been meaning to get around to for ages.

After dropping Brodie at nursery Grier and I went shopping for some supplies. We picked up some lard and some packets of seeds - not bird seed specifically - just mixed seeds and some dried fruit.

Brodie and I got busy with our task when Grier had her nap, melting the lard on the stove in a heavy pot. Leaving it to cool slightly we then added the seeds and fruit and some pinhead oatmeal we had at home. We let the mix cool a little as I wanted to be sure it would set and so it wouldn't be too hot to handle. Brodie spooned it into an old egg box and we had some balls by heaping the mix onto a square of tinfoil then wrapping it into a ball.

bird feed 1.jpg
bird feed 2.jpg

We also used our tiny ornamental pumpkins, scooping out the inside which we added to our mix and filling the shell with the lardy seed mixture.

We've ended up with lots of little portions of food which Brodie will be able to leave out in the garden for the birds and hopefully we'll even see some birds eating our mixture. With the cold weather we're experiencing we're hoping our efforts will help out.

bird feed 3.jpg

If you'd like to feed the birds yourself this is useful for what kinds of things are best.

bird feed 4.jpg