DIY Dolls House for Moomins

I'd seen this bookcase and knew I'd love to get my hands on it. It's plainess was just begging for some colour and pattern and messing around with.

So we bought it and I used scrapbook papers and ribbons and stickers and other lovely things to make it into a doll's house for Grier. I had so much fun decorating this house it kind of felt more like a present for me than her.

She has a beautiful doll's house at Nana and Grandad's house which one day she will inherit but it's delicate and she's only two so I wanted something that she could go to town with and we wouldn't be hovering over her asking her to be more careful.

I ordered this furniture for it because it's wooden and not all pink which were important. I scoured ebay for furniture but this ended up being a better deal and should last a while.

I really had problems finding people for the house. Seriously, every dolls house family I found were seriously freaky. This is what I mean.

So I ordered some Moomins. Because Grier (and I) love Moomins. I ordered them from here but unfortunately they took ages to deliver and sent me the wrong set. Normally I'd have sent them back but there wasn't time to get replacements before Christmas and I thought Santa would be a bit out of order leaving a fully furnished house with no inhabitants so we had to make do. I did complain and tweet shame but no luck - but they won't be getting any more business from this Moomin fan , no way. I really wanted this set as Grier has all the books with these characters.

She loves to rearrange things and put the Moomins (and Kitty and Mimmy) to bed or let them have some telly time if they are good. We can use it for storage if one day a doll's house is fun anymore (or I might just have it in my room......) The bookcase was inexpensive but seems sturdy, I'm ashamed to say all the decorations came from my overflowing stash of craft materials and we can pass the furniture on one day, so it felt like a useful, sustainable and fun gift for my girl.

I decorated the 'study' with these bunny buttons from Amanda Mercer which I bought at the Country Living Christmas Fair. I knew they'd come in handy!

*Post contains affiliate links. Not to The Moomin Shop obviously, they are dead to me