Type A Baking

This week has been the kind where I think how on earth do I manage to blog ever? How is it possible to fit it in with all the child wrangling, house stuff, and of course the knitting.

I've been trying to find a balance between letting the kids get a little bored and all out destruction. Don't you find boredom is the first step to them being completely absorbed in playing a new game or enjoying an old one? So I've been trying to have some down time at home waiting for kidspiration to strike and also see some friends and not go completely stir crazy. There is also a fine line between hanging out at home and developing cabin fever.

One of Brodie's favourite things to do is baking. Grier is cottoning on now as well but sometimes baking with 2 little people is a battleground.

I will stir it

No I will stir it

NO I WILL STIR IT - as wooden spoon flies across kitchen spraying flour and raw egg.

You get the picture.

One thing that did work well though was making chocolate nests. Granny furnished us with 'Wheetabricks' and chocolate and those dangerously addicitive little chocolate eggs - don't tell me you don't know what I mean. They enjoyed all the mushing and arranging of tiny eggs. Grier of course hasn't actually eaten any of these cakes she just eats off the eggs and hands me back the slavery chocolate nest with a smile.

Brodie wanted to make Easter biscuits, so biscuit we did. I fully embrace letting the kids loose when baking. I don't hover over them, I let them do it solo and worry about the mess later. We took it in turns to weigh out the ingredients with minimal sibling violence. Then I split the dough into three parts - this is how I am able to let them go at it and not feel the need to intervene and correct them. I save myself for dough for later so I can bake in peace and let the Type A personality I inherited shine through.

And later when Brodie was watching a DVD - (what it's the HOLIDAYS!) and Grier was napping - lucky duck. I uniformly rolled out my dough. I used only the Easter egg cutter - no Easter angels or platypus cookies for me. I watched them in the oven so they were just browning around the edges when I whipped them out. Later I made royal icing - in pink and yellow - and iced those bad boys.

To be fair my piping technique is still rubbish but it was fun. And seeing all my eggs lined up on the worktop made me so happy. And the kids still got to smother their attempts with 40 colours of sprinkles with Grier managing to eat a considerable amount of raw cookie dough.

Of course I can't actually eat any of them but I'm quickly realising that doesn't matter as much as I thought it did. Making it pretty, mastering techniques that's what baking is for me. Which is weird.

Edward Sprinklehands