Sunday Post

Today was the Fife Baby and Toddler Show, and if I met you there, Hello! It was lovely to meet you and thanks for stopping by the blog.

baby show 3.jpg

The event was very well attended and absolutely teaming with gorgeous babies and toddlers and of course Mums and Dads. There was a great mix of exhibitors and the venue was fab. We met a lot of cloth nappy enthusiasts and Heather connected with lots of people who want to know more about Wee Green Mummy's nappy library  and Cheeky Wipes.

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My dribble bibs and taggies were popular and the handmade business cards were well received.  Writing a blog is someimes a solitary pursuit and even when you know your readers are out there somewhere in cyberspace it's lovely to speak to real people about nappies, tea and the stuff that works for real mums with babies and toddlers. Sharing tips and stories with real live mums (and dads) was a real treat.

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A trip to Fife?

My friend Heather also know as the Wee Green Mummy is doing her thing at the Fife Baby and Toddler Show this Sunday.  She's a cloth nappy expert and has a nappy library you can experiment with and she's hoping this event will give her the chance to meet mummies (and dads) who are interested in cloth and want to try it out with her help.


She asked if I fancied joining her with a few handmade goodies to sell and that seemed like a great idea so I've been whipping up bibs and taggies to take along. I also found some lovely things that have been in the loft since July 2011 which is when I last attended a craft fair and sold - remember this? - absolutely nothing. Not one sale. At the time I just packed all the stuff away and concentrated on my next job - having baby Grier. 

fife 1.jpg

It's time to have another go and see if my I can tempt people with my wares and then invest any profits into growing the blog.  This time around my focus is on tempting people to look at the blog and get some new readers

I'm  most excited about my lovely teacup and saucer to display my handmade businesss cards - get it? Tea Is The Answer cards could only be stored in a teacup. 

fife 2.jpg

If business is slow on Sunday, Heather and I will get to chat hopefully and perhaps we can convince some parents that cloths nappies are ace. If you are in Fife or fancy coming to meet us please do!

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Also if you have a spare moment perhaps check out my new favourite blog?  It's written by Emma who is my sister in law's sister. She's just moved with her husband and kids to their family castle, serious. And she's hilarious. And if that doesn't sound like it would be fun I don't know what I can do for you.