Small lady, pink dress

During the Queens's Golden Jubilee tour in 2002 I was just finishing my first degree. I was coming out of a haze of final exams and dissertation writing. One day I was walking through Old Aberdeen when I noticed a small crowd of people, about 20 or so surrounding a small lady in a pink suit and hat. I'm sure it was pink but the more I think about it the more I think I might have embellished that bit and I can't find any photos. I was in no rush so I walked a little closer. And then I realised who the lady was. It was the Queen. The actual Queen, the one off of Buckingham Palace. My first thought was wow, she is teeny tiny. My second was why did I not know about this? Why aren't there more than twenty people here? Most of whom seem to have stumbled upon the Queen's visit like I have. Why aren't there people waving flags and cheering? I think I phoned Greig who was probably working at the time and told him all about the Queen and how sad I was that there were no flags and cheering.In the Queen's favour she probably quite enjoyed not having to receive eleventy billion bouquets and not having to chat to people and I hope that due to the poor turnout she was able to leave sharpish and perhaps have a wee nap or catch an episode of The Sopranos before her next engagement. If I'm being perfectly honest I had forgotten all about this whole episode until news coverage of the upcoming Diamond Jubilee triggered my memory - I've seen the Queen I have! It seems that perhaps in Scotland we are reticent to enter into the spirit of the whole jubilee celebrations thing. I think that there is a deep affection for the Queen among many Scots but we don't like to make a big thing of it. I'm going to stand up and say I admire Queen Elizabeth II. I am not knowledgeable enough to argue for the existence of the monarchy in an educated manner but on a personal one I think the Queen's dignity is most definitely admirable. She is like us, yet not like us at all. Is that not the way it should be? She works incredibly hard, whether or not you believe her work is valuable. Not many of us will celebrate 60 years on the (same) job. Thank you Your Majesty. Enjoy the Party.