So apparently blog posts don't write themselves, hence the reason there has been blogging tumbleweed rolling through here for weeks. I'd like to say it's because I've been writing some earth shatteringly good material but you know, no. Not that. Just life, and the paramount importance of sleep.


How are you? What's been happening? What's the goss?

Around here

Grier has been been playing hopscock.

Brodie has been nurturing the life long love of Star Wars he was surely born to have given his genetic makeup.

Greig has been rearranging garages and making me get rid of the 27 calpol spoons I've been hoarding in the cutlery drawer for 4 years.

I've been getting my crochet on - much easier than knitting when you have limited brain power to work with. Trying to not be hurt when people tell me either how massive I am or telling me they no idea I was pregnant even though I'm MASSIVE people.

And as I'm so behind on blogging and life and everything else it seems fitting to share these photos from Montrose a month ago.

montrose 1.jpg

Day Trippers

We took our first (hopefully of many) trips to Montrose yesterday.V and K are settled in their flat. It's just my kind of home - covings, deep skirtings, seriously weird shaped rooms and triangular cupboards. And filled with all their stuff it feels like they've been there forever. Montrose itself is a full of character. First we took a trip to the beach - and Brodie has his first (of many, no doubt) trips to the seaside playpark. It was the kind of park which makes you desperate for a go on the slide yourself. Predictably though the boy was fascinated with a sand and water feature. Had he not been starving/wet/sandy I reckon he would have happily hung out there forever. A quick lunch and nap and we were ready for a stroll in the town including passing Kerry's new office. Greig is pretty jealous of her five-minute commute. The day went too fast.

We thought we were being smart changing the kids into jammies before driving down the road - Grier slept for 45 minutes and Brodie chattered all.the.way.home......they did sleep in til 7.25am though, ahh a long lie:)