A beautiful mind

Brodie is up to all sorts of incredible things these days. Like constructing epic stories which involve characters - mostly monsters with names like 'the grager' who live in caves in the woods and stomp around leaving slime trails. These stories have twists and subplots and even WOW words occasionally (I'm too school for cool - you all knowz it).He's also identifying sounds and collecting objects which begin with those sounds. I have no desire to home school my children but dang I think I'd be pretty good - he does all this while I just want to play another round of Buckaroo. There is a special place in his little heart for numbers as well. He loves, loves, loves the tv programme 'Numberjacks' and calls them on the phone several times a day to help him solve mysteries. It's an exciting time in this house when the theme music starts. He's noticing numbers all over the place - so exciting - look a 1! Look a 2! Look a 3! You get the idea. He counts everything - freckles, grapes, burps, steps, baby sisters. Nothing is safe from the boy. Counting skillz - he has 'dem. So it was with great fascination I watched Brodie do this after a particularly engaging Numberjacks episode a few days ago. This then this, and then this,

He was measuring how many bricks it took to cover the base. (Of course not all his measuring blocks were a standard size but he's only 3!). I was quite astounded as he picked out the bricks and carefully covered every inch of base and then counted them like this - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,19. Because it always goes 11,13,19. He was so focused on this task it was amazing to see. This beautiful little mind in action. Should you think I've completely lost my mind and believe my child is actually a tiny Bill Gates I'd just like to refer to the incident which occurred this afternoon when he appeared pants and trousers still around his ankles after a solo trip to the loo went a bit wrong. So he can grasp mathematical concepts but can't direct pee into the toilet. Isn't it always the way?