The Olympic Torch comes to Broxburn!

When we first heard the torch was headed through Broxburn Greig and I couldn't quite believe it. It all seemed a bit surreal. But I can, in fact confirm the Olympic Torch did indeed come through Broxburn.I've never seen so many people in our little town before. We had a great spot thought, not too crowded and we got a great view even if it was all over in a flash.

We made a torch

Then we found a good spot in the crowd

But you know it takes a long time for an Olympic Torch to make its way into town so sometimes you need an ice lolly

And maybe a book or two

Perhaps a game of hide and seek?

Finally it's on the way

See it?

I'm so pleased we got to see it. I wonder if Brodie will remember 'Olympic Torch Day?'

P.S. Grier was there, she was just you know, attached to me so therefore doesn't appear in the official photos. She loved it though, especially the ice lolly part.