Dear Olivia

My Dearest niece Olivia,

Today I post your Christmas parcel to you in Manhattan. Unfortunately I suspect even Santa Claus himself could not get it to you in time to open on the 25th. For this I must offer a sincere apology. I probably shouldn't have knitted you a jumper which required the sewing on of 26 buttons but I hope you'll like it none the less. I'm sorry if your hat is a little mishapen, your girl cousin was most enamoured with it and continued to squeeze it's small form onto her considerably larger head despite my pleading. And I must also add that yours will not be the first sticky fingers to turn the pages of your new book. You see we also have a copy of the same book and during the wrapping of your copy it was squirrelled away by Brodie and Grier. Don't worry, I wrestled it back and wiped it off for you.

Have the most wonderful Christmas precious girl, your Scottish family send you much love. Children embody the magic of Christmas and thanks to you this festive season your Mummy and Daddy will get to feel that too.

Owlet Jumper



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