I had some lovely Rowan Lima yarn which asked me to knit it into a hat. I had this pattern saved in my ravelry favourites for a while. The pattern calls a heavier weight yarn and larger guage needle than I used but since I didn't want it to be particularly slouchy I thought it would turn out more beanie shaped and it did! I added a few rounds to the pattern to make it long enough and it turned out to be the perfect beanie fit for me.

This is only the second cable project I've knitted and I really enjoyed it. The process of twisting the stitches and seeing the pattern emerge is fascinating. Plus I think it looks more complicated to knit than it acually is. I don't actually own a cable needle I just use a spare double pointed needle. 

I've worn it a few times and it's soft and comfortable and was very quick to knit up. Now if only there was a way to avoid having bad hair when you take it off....... 

cable 3.jpg
cable 1.jpg