TOMS, my carrot

So when I started the couch to 5k I knew that the stick motivating me was to improve my health and fitness and take my weight down to a more healthy level for my benefit and to be a good example for B and G. But let's be honest that's not necessarily enough to get me out of bed on a cold january morning. So I added a little carrot to the mix. I found a pair of TOMS on pinterest that I loved, I pinned them and promised myself I would buy them if I completed the ten weeks. I ran for those shoes. As I ran I listened to Paulo croon about his new shoes and I thought , me too Paulo, I'll soon have new shows and suddenly everything will be right.The shoes were more expensive than I probably would have paid but a carrot has to be indulgent right? And then I started reading '7' by Jen Hatmaker. And I couldn't stop thinking about this book. The premise of TOMS is 'one for one'. For every pair bought a pair will be given to a child in need. It occurred to me that my first world problem of being overweight and unfit was totally within my control. I could (can) fix it and it was my doing to get here in the first place. Here I was consuming yet another pair of shoes, welcoming them into my privileged existence as a reward for something I probably should have been doing anyway. With the price of these shoes I could no doubt buy 20 pairs of shoes for children in need, maybe more. Do I really need new shoes? Absolutely not, I have more than I need already. So what does this mean for my carrot? Well I ordered the shoes. And they are lovely, and I will no doubt get great pleasure in wearing them. I suspect though that when I slip them on I will continue to question my need to 'have' them in the first place. I just feel a little uneasy about them and I'm not sure that I'm going to enjoy getting to the bottom of what that is. I would recommend reading 7 if you get a chance. It's definitely written from a Christian viewpoint, but it has food for thought for everyone.

Feburary Things

I can't quite get my head around the fact that it's almost March, and my boy is nearly THREE. But there will probably be much more of that in the coming week.For now I just want to record some things I'm liking just now

I love The Ellen De Generes show, I try to watch some of it while the littles are sleeping if I can, it just lightens up my day while I'm stuffing nappies etc. I love 'low brow' t.v.

I love that Brodie is really into colouring and stickers just now. Great fun

I'm enjoying having a weekly to do list calendar thing going on. I have certain jobs for certain days and while I can't say my house is show home ready I feel more organised, less overwhelmed and it has inspired me to tackle organising areas in the house I have been putting off for years

These are going to be mine. I just have to complete a little personal challenge first.

Peanut Butter Fudge Iced Brownies which I came across on pinterest. I'm not sure I can actually eat icing which is made with shortening but I would just like someone else to make these for me so I could taste it without actually having to bear witness to what's inside.

Do you have anything I should be enjoying this month?