6th May 2014

Today we found out you were on the way.

Today I took your big brother to his audiologist appointment and we found out he will likely have grommets fitted to improve his hearing before he starts school in August. By August you will be half way here.

Today I did all the ordinary things I always do but with a little spring in my step.

Today I swallowed prenatal vitamins without issue because I'm hoping to stock up on them before you make me really, really sick.

Or perhaps you won't, we'll see.

We love you baby 3.


Blogging has been on the back burner for, well, months really. With our third baby expected early in 2015 there has not been enough anything to go round. I've been writing posts throughout the last few months in 'real time' which I'll post hopefully soon which I couldn't  share as they happened. I've been continually seasick on dry land since early May which is surely pure blogging comedy gold and have been completely devoid of any creative inpspiration recently. I've been trying to keep (b)logging our memories here because I know I'll want to look back and see what we did this summer. But I hope this explains why things have been pretty quiet around here - it seems apparently tea is the not the answer to morning sickness or the fatigue associated with growing a human!

I'll hit 18 weeks this week which is nearly half way there, crazy. The baby is due in the New Year although the other two have kindly shown up a little early so it would be lovely if you could too baby, keep with tradition and all that. I have absolutely no desire to be 40+ weeks pregnant ever, selfish I know.

The thing with third babies and odd numbers is that some things have to change. Car seat and bedroom tetris are top of the priority list. This baby is likely going to need a new set of wheels as the Quinny Zapp (old 2009 style) is starting to groan a little when fully loaded. Some new nappies I think, although the Wonderoos are in wonderful shape (see what I did there?), new breast pump parts and sticky bits for the TENS machine. Everything else I think we have covered which is nice because the thought of navigating any sort of baby stuff shop makes my head hurt. And that's what Amazon is for right?

So Ladies (and Dudes) of the internet shower me with your baby advice. Third time a charm or eh not?

The art I doctored for my super classy announcement yesterday you can see in the original post here.