Little Squash and Chicken Pies

squash main.jpg

I love it when a plan comes together, especially a plan which involves food.

During the great pumpkin hunt last week Brodie became somewhat attached to a butternut squash. When children demand vegetables I find it best to agree, lest they decide never to eat anything green again. And it makes a change from demands for chocolate buttons so the squash came home with us. 

squash 1.jpg

It so happened I had some leftover chicken and ready made puff pastry to use up too, the stars aligned and the result was these little pockets of delicious. 

squash 2.jpg
squash 3.jpg

I softened the squash in a little oil, added the chicken with a spash of white wine, stock, thyme, parmesan and cornflour to thicken. I spooned generously onto a pastry circle, which I sealed with another on top. 

A brush of egg wash and 15 minutes in a hot oven. 

squash 4.jpg
squash 5.jpg

Perfect autumnal food. Warming and filling and child approved.

squash 6.jpg