Eggs and Other Important Stuff

These Creme Egg Cupcakes have been floating about Pinterest for a few weeks and they seemed very Easter 2012 so we made some. They were really good, although I have a few minor adjustments I'll make next year. This is the first one with piped icing.

Then I got a chunk of chocolate stuff in the icing nozzle meaning the of the fancy icing. So I settled for dumping it out of the open end of the bag onto the cupcakes. Worked perfectly but slightly less attractive, no?

We had V and K here for an unorthodox easter meal of carbonara, rosemary focaccia, and pizza.

Vikki won the tug of war which ensued after face wiping

And this morning Brodie made a good go of this egg while reading a new book. Eggcellent.

I should apologise to Sean for the copious use of Cadbury's chocolate in this post, we would share were it not for that pesky Atlantic.......