Or caaaakkke as Grier would say. I think that Brodie made his cake request for his 4th birthday about 3 days after he turned 3. He asked for a digger and a dumper cake. Over time the order got more specific, for example the digger had to be scooping and the dumper had to be dumping. Pinterest being my friend and all I pinned this and pretty much copied it in its entiriety. I even made the yellow and black stripes inside although they didn't really hold up on cutting the cake. Looked good though! cake 1

cake 2

cake 3

The icing was this recipe from Martha - who else? It was very soft and stayed that way and as a bonus it was very mud like. The rocks were Oreo dust. Special mention to Kerry for her help making Oreo dust and Vikki - for eating the insides of the Oreos, a friend indeed. I also threw some chocolate raisins at it for let's say boulders?

I made the vehicles the week before (well mostly!) in front of the tv with ready-made fondant icing. Ew that stuff tastes foul but Brodie loved them and actually ate some of it. I borrowed a few toys for authenticity and was highly praised for my efforts when Brodie said it was awesome and Grier still shouts cake every time she enters or leaves the kitchen on the off-chance I might be hiding some leftovers.

I used gel food colour to get the cakes (1 madeira, 1 chocolate) appropriately coloured. I was disappointed with their lack of colour. I think I need to find a new e number supplier. All in all I'm calling it a success and I would be delighted if the boy requests something which requires me to apply icing in such a haphazard style next year. No chance, right?