So I'm in week 2 of half marathon training. Things are going as well as can be expected I suppose. I feel faster and stronger. There are however some things causing me distress. First can I discuss dogs. I'm not a dog person per se but I can appreciate their charm - Hi Pudding!!. What I don't appreciate is you having a twenty-minute chat on your mobile while your dog chases me snapping at my heels. And honestly when it's cold and dark and something chases me there's a good chance I'm going to lash out and kick your dog. Responsibility people - take it.Which brings me to my second point. Dog poo. Really. Pick it up. That's all. I've skidded on your dogs skids. Not pretty. Next people who park their cars ON the pavement. No need, I don't live in the city. I live in suburbia where there are always enough parking spaces, just maybe not sometimes 1 foot from your front door. Now being the waif like slip of a woman I am I can easily run around your car but that's not the point is it? And finally, I know I look ridiculous with my high viz running top and illuminous pink hat combo. You don't need to POINT AND LAUGH. Or at the other extreme completely ignore me and try to run me down with your car/bike/scooter. Yes 7-year-old on the scooter in Badger Park I'm talking to you. No dogs have ever been harmed in making me a runner. However I might kick you if you let your dog chase me again