Wedding Shower for Fiona

Greig's brother is getting married in March - wedding season remember?My mother in law and Fiona's mother in law to be thought it would be nice to have a wedding shower for her to meet up with family members and friends before the big day and also for us get to know some of her family too. I have no idea what you're supposed to do at a wedding shower but we played some silly games and ate lots of cake which I would heartily recommend if you're planning one yourself. While I would love to show you Fiona dressed in a wedding gown made by shower guests fashioned from binliners, balloons and crepe paper I really would like her to like me so I'll stick to showing you some of the details instead....

Morag crocheted flower brooches for all the guests. She can knit and crochet quicker than I can do anything else. With the possible exception of eating cake. Anyway the flowers were lovely and I made these bags with newspapers, attached tags made by Morag and fastened them with teeny Tilda doilies. newspaper gift bag

At this point I should point out that Fiona has never made any suggestion she likes paper doilies as much as me. But I love 'em so I put them everywhere I could think of.

wedding shower wreath

I made this wreath to welcome people, it used to be wrapped in scrap fabric and felt flowers but I recovered it in twine, which took much longer than I hoped it might. DSC_0026-002

I tied on a little blackboard I've had for a long time and then folded a wedding dress and added a tiny flower and some trim from my ribbon box.

shower 1

Doily bunting. I love it. If you need several metres of the stuff, let me know.

shower 2