Easter Goodies

I sort of find Easter a weird one. At Christmas time it's much easier to tell and retell the Christmas Story and warble one about peace of earth, goodwill to all, that kind of thing. But the Easter story lends itself less well to bedtime stories plus the whole Easter Bunny thing just confuses things massively.

However I don't think we were going to get away with another year of just ignoring the whole thing. Plus any excuse for crafting right?

I've had this treat bag pinned for years and I'm so glad I got round to making some. I'm completely on board with this reusable wrapping thing and these were so easy to make.  I love felt. I feel like I may have mentioned that about 32432432 times on the blog, but it's so good to make with.

But what's in the bag? Well for the kids I made one for, including my most handsome nephew Robbie I just put some non edible little gifts I thought they would get a kick out of. A wee chocolate bunny may also have sneaked in....

For B and G I put some easter chick pegs in - random but fun - and I made theme some of these chocolate surprise eggs. I found a silicon egg mould in the poundshop which I filled with melted chocolate, leaving them somewhat hollow in the centre. Before I glued the halfs together with melted chocolate I popped in some haribo sweets to make them surprise eggs.

They are quite small - but thick and the kids already have a shelf groaning with eggs kindly gifted to them by friends and family.

I can see me making suprise eggs a yearly tradition and I'll make sure to reuse the bunny bags too. I bought some plastic fillable eggs which I filled with marshmallows which we will  (Greig will) hide tomorrow morning and I think we'll hand over the bunny booty when they've found all of the eggs.

Do you have any Easter traditions you'd like to tell me about? Or do you mostly just subscribe to the eating so much chocolate you feel a bit pukey camp?


The tumble dryer is not working. Hardly the end of the world right? The first world problem of a pampered woman at most?Huh, tell that to my husband. Whom I just hung up on because he didn't fix it right now. To be fair hanging up was probably the best option as the alternative was screechy swear words and no-one likes to hear that. Sigh. I'm exasperated with myself. There is damp washing everywhere. It's too cold to be outside during winter part 3, 2013 and inside there are undone jobs and washing everywhere.

Easter was good though. We painted the kitchen. Luckily for B and G we have friends who love them enough to paint eggs for an egg hunt and grandparents and aunties and uncles who not only shower them with love every day, provide chocolate and presents and chocolate even when their parents are too busy painting to plan cool easter things. The littles were in clover.

easter 9

easter 8

easter 7

easter 6

easter 5

easter 4

easter 3

easter 2

easter 1


I should probably phone and apologise but maybe a wee chocolate egg first will help.....

One 'ha penny

Do me a favour and pretend it's good Friday m'kay?Because then this post would be perfectly timed.

I baked hot cross buns using this recipe from the Sainsbury's magazine. I used tinned prunes, drained which worked well and the dark chocolate is a really yummy touch. When I make these again I will up the spices and bake on a lower shelf as they were pretty dark when they were baked through. Definitely not burnt ok? The dough was wet so next time I would be more cautious when adding the liquid but to be honest I had to add a lot of flour when kneading and they were still soft and doughy, not tough. I've already written this recipe into my old school, pen and paper recipe file so that means it's definitely a keeper. Husband and child approved.

buns 1

buns 2

buns 3

buns 4

Eggs and Other Important Stuff

These Creme Egg Cupcakes have been floating about Pinterest for a few weeks and they seemed very Easter 2012 so we made some. They were really good, although I have a few minor adjustments I'll make next year. This is the first one with piped icing.

Then I got a chunk of chocolate stuff in the icing nozzle meaning the of the fancy icing. So I settled for dumping it out of the open end of the bag onto the cupcakes. Worked perfectly but slightly less attractive, no?

We had V and K here for an unorthodox easter meal of carbonara, rosemary focaccia, and pizza.

Vikki won the tug of war which ensued after face wiping

And this morning Brodie made a good go of this egg while reading a new book. Eggcellent.

I should apologise to Sean for the copious use of Cadbury's chocolate in this post, we would share were it not for that pesky Atlantic.......